Track Title: Hogan's Heroes Theme

Artist: Bob Crane, His Drums & Orchestra


The Hogan’s Heroes Theme Song, performed by Bob Crane and his band (1966).

Today marks forty-nine years since Hogan’s Heroes aired its first episode! In (quick) celebration, here’s Bob Crane’s awesome rendition of the theme song.

"Do you know Lili Marleen?"

Anonymous asked: "hey cool theme but where the hell is the follow button?"

Does a theme typically have a follow button attached to it? Anyway, it should be in the top-right corner:

Arlene Martel dies - August 12, 2014.

Anonymous asked:

"Are you still taking requests? If so, how about the scene from ‘Nights in Shining Armor’ where Hogan is planning to test the bulletproof vests and Carter keeps insisting that he didn’t volunteer for this? Thanks."

allied-hero asked:

"Hello! Would it be possible to do the scene at the end of ‘Drums Along the Dusseldorf’ where Hogan, Newkirk and Carter are trying to shoot the truck carrying jet fuel? :D"