allied-hero asked:

"Hello! Would it be possible to do the scene at the end of ‘Drums Along the Dusseldorf’ where Hogan, Newkirk and Carter are trying to shoot the truck carrying jet fuel? :D"

thomas25muller asked:

"Hey I have a request! How about the episode where Newkirk falls off the bunk, due to an explosion in the tunnel. I believe that’s ‘the great brinksmier robbery’ episode."

Anonymous asked:
"Could you possibly do the scene from ‘The Softer They Fall’ where Kinch knocks out Battling Bruno? (Unless you’ve already done that, and I’ll just look through all your wonderful pictures again.)"


kirinsaga's latest 30 Days of Hogan's Heroes entry got me thinking.

Does anyone else think of Carter as being ace-spectrum, or is that just me?

I mean, he almost never shows any interest towards women, unlike pretty much the entire rest of the camp, except in Request Permission to Escape and Look at the Pretty Snowflakes (and he was acting rather out-of-character in the latter, I thought).

Yes! I’ve always seen Carter as panromantic asexual.

Marya is another character I like to place on the ace-spectrum. In my mind, she’s aromantic asexual; she goes through the motions of sexual attraction, but only as a way of squeezing herself into the inner circles of powerful men.

Anonymous asked:

"Hi! First of all, I just want to say how much I love your blog, it’s amazing ♥ And do you still like some requests? How about the scene in ‘The most escape-proof camp I’ve ever escaped from’ where Carter get locked in Hogan’s footlocker? I was laughing so hard at this :D"

kirinsaga asked:

"Oh, I have a request! You know how ‘Accidental’ Thief Carter really wants that beer mug? In two different episodes (season 2’s The Swing Shift and season 3’s Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata Hari) he tries to steal it. I’d really love to have those scenes. If I can only have one episode, could you use Swing Shift? Please?"

wheresmytankklink asked:

"How about from ‘German Bridge is Falling Down,’ the scene from the beginning with the prisoners making an arrow with their lighters? :3 One of my favorites!"